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Terms and Conditions

Nayan NV is located at 8850 Ardooie, Pittemsestraat 58D and is registered in the Kortrijk Trade Registry under the number 142.622. (n° VAT 0806 661 106 ;+ tel. +32 (0)28 96 28 50 | USA: 1-888-261-2064 ext. 1+)

  1. Unless specified otherwise in writing, all transactions between Nayan NV and its customers are determined by the sales conditions described here and accepted by the customer (even if these conditions differ from the purchase conditions of the customer). The sales conditions are available in the different languages specified on the web site.
  2. The information about products, pricing, and delivery dates, as well as the detailed order information on the website are communicated to the customers for information purposes only and may be modified by Nayan NVwithout prior notice. Please also read our delivery guidelines.
  3. Nayan NV delivers world-wide in the countries indicated on the web site. To the extent possible, goods will be delivered on the date indicated in the order conformation. Nayan NV will not pay any damages or fines for late deliveries.
  4. Contrary to the general rule of article 1583 of the Civil Code, Nayan NV will remain owner of the goods sold until the day of the full payment of the order, of interests and damages if any.
  5. Given that Nayan NV is an intermediary, it limits the warranties on all goods to the warranties offered by its suppliers. To the extent allowed under these sales conditions, Nayan NV’s liability is limited to refunding the customer for (or replacing) the damaged products and will not pay any damages to the customer. When a Nayan NV supplier does not live up to its own warranties, for instance in case of bankruptcy, Nayan NV is not responsible to the customer.
  6. Frucon² nv is not responsible for material, physical or other damages or losses that a customer or any third party could suffer from the consumption or use of the goods. For food, Nayan NV recommends that people with allergies, diabetes, or any other health problem always read and following the instructions on the labeling.
  7. Under the distance selling provisions of the Belgian Act of 14 July 1991, amended 25th of May 1999, the consumer has a period of 10 working days following the receipt of the goods, in which to withdraw from the contract without penalty and without giving any reason. The consumer will be authorized to return the goods at his own risk and own expense to Nayan NV. The consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal in respect to contracts for the supply of goods made to the consumer’s specifications or goods that deteriorate rapidly.
  8. By ordering on the internet site of Nayan NV, the customer agrees that Nayan NV processes his personal data for purposes such as the administration of the client data base, processing the orders, deliveries and invoices, credit checks, marketing and advertising. Data processing for marketing and advertising purposes will only occur if the client has given his explicit approval during the order process. Nayan NV will not transfer the personal data to any third party other than GiftsOfCourse. The client has the right to access his personal data and to arrange for modifications to be made, where errors exist. The client may oppose at any time and at no cost, the further processing of his personal data for direct marketing purposes by merely sending a written notice to the e-mail address mentioned above. More information can be obtained at the registry of the Commission for Privacy Protection in Brussels.
  9. If any of the above conditions should be annulled, all other conditions will remain valid to the fullest extent permitted by the law.
  10. All parties agree to accept electronic evidence (e.g. e-mails, back-ups,…) as binding evidence in case of disputes.
  11. All disputes regarding the interpretation, validity or execution of the contract are governed by Belgian law and fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Brussels.
  12. You can also always contact the Consumer Mediation Service for a dispute settlement.
  13. All images on the website are copyright protected and are the property of Nayan NV. Any partial or total reproduction without our prior written permission is strictly prohibited.