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Corporate gifts

We specialize in global corporate gift solutions to please your employees and customers. Our gifts feature high quality, name brand products and are packaged to create a sleek, professional impression. Contact our Customer Service Team for ideas how we can best serve you.

For business gift occasions, we provide a wealth of interactive services such as custom corporate gifts, international gift certificates, corporate volume discounts, gift messages printed with corporate logos, private online corporate gift stores and much more. For more information about our gift programs, please also see our loyalty marketing page.

International Corporate Gifts

GiftsOfCourse can assist you with your gift needs for all your special corporate programs including international corporate thank you gifts, promotional gifts for international events, and corporate Christmas gifts for international delivery to business locations around the world. We can handle all of your corporate gifts to Europe including: France, Germany, the UK, Spain, Austria and all the EU countries including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic and more. In addition we ship to Switzerland and Norway. We can also assist with business gift delivery in many Asian countries including Japan and China and South American countries including Brazil. In Europe, custom gifts including your marketing materials are no problem. Our customer service is happy to make gift recommendations to meet your needs and to answer any questions you may have.

International Gifts Cards and Gift Certificates

International gifts cards and international gift certificates are a wonderful way to quickly and easily say "Thank You", "I‘m sorry" or "Our thoughts are with you". GiftsOfCourse gift vouchers allow you to give a gift that can be received immediately in almost any country around the world.

Corporate Volume Discounts

Volume discounts We are happy to offer volume discounts for our corporate customers. Our customer service agents can also help with gift selection and order entry. If you are placing a large order for an event or need a number of holiday gifts sent around the world, please Contact us so we can show you how easily you can take care of your gift challenges with one simple phone call..

Customize Gift Notes and Ribbon with Your Logo

Private Gift Stores There is no charge to add your black and white logo to our gift cards for delivery within Europe and some countries outside of Europe. This can be done with just a day or two of advance notice. With a few weeks advance notice, we can also order custom ribbon printed with your logo on it for your important gifts. GiftsOfCourse can also easily include any marketing materials you may already have to gifts that we ship within Europe. Our customer service staff will be happy to discuss with you many the many options available to personalize your gifts.

Private Online Gift Stores

Corporate Programs GiftsOfCourse has years of experience creating private gift web sites for many of the world?s largest companies. Our private online gift stores feature your company logo, company colors and a product line customized to meet your needs. Your employees or customers can select gifts online for delivery around the world. You control what they select and how much they spend. Private online gift stores can be a great cost savings.

Belgian Chocolates and Candy with Your Logo

Personalized Gifts For larger orders, we can customize Belgian chocolate and candy packaging with your logo. Quotes start at 10.000 pieces. Please Contact us for more information.